“The shift here is that we invite our birth clients to connect with their belief system, facilitating alignment between their beliefs and their actions. Therefore, our clients have more chances to conduct themselves well during childbirth, and to reach optimal performance based on their belief system, strengths and skills. “

Universal Package

  • 4 Prenatal visits
    •    An opportunity establish a team relationship before the birth to help facilitate and gain trust and your family to best of my ability. Prenatal visits include; an intake form, scheduling of future prenatal visits, clear topics to cover during prenatal visits with an emphasis on Childbirth Education.

  • Support with Birth Wishes
    •  Taking time to answer questions about your needs with an at home or hospital birth. Each labor is unique and special, coming up with a labor plan should match those feelings. 

  • Around the clock Labor support 
    • The conversations leading up to this point of your birth plans and preferences will be most resourced these days. Using techniques such as; touch, massage, acupressure, counter pressure, and rebozo techniques to help ease the process of labor. As your doula my commitment to you is 24 hour on call support as early as 2 weeks before your estimated due date.

  • 3 Postpartum visits
    • The fourth trimester is time to heal and listen to your baby through the body with emphasis on facilitating communication and bonding during the first moments of your child's life outside of the womb. Services include 3 postpartum visits as well as 24 hour contact support up to 4 weeks postpartum.


Mission Statement 

Additional Services 

All services in Universal Package are included for all clients.

A specialized package for each family

Each package is customizable, starting with a base price and services that each family will receive during their time. When contacting please describe the additional services that you are interested in. 

  • Herbal support: $30.00

    • Using pregnancy safe teas as well as labor inducing to help with the natural progress of labor. Using knowledge from local indigenous midwives teaching as well as trained practice in the field. 

    • Herbs potentially used: 
      • Red Clover                         Nettles
      • Red Raspberry                  Spearmint
      • Yarrow Leaf                       Passion Flower
      • Chamomile                        Lemon Balm


  • Salves: $20.00

    • Client will receive a 4 ounce jar of personally tailored salve that suits their physical needs. 

    • Options for pregnancy safe salves as well as for tissue healing salves available 

  • Homeopathy Support: $20.00

    • Recommendations given to clients based on their specific needs

    • Resources to local homeopathic vendors 
    • Support for homeopathic labor availible 
    • Certified through Cornerstone Midwifery

  • Massage: $100.00 per person

    • Open to birthing person as well as support people.

    • 2 hour sessions total
    • Emphasis on energetic release and spiritual connection.
    • Focus on acupressure and lymphatic drainage. 
    • Body scanning and Reiki 
    • Closing conversation with feedback and tea circle

  • Postpartum Doula Support: $25.00 per hour 

    • Specialized care for family and newborn

    • Focus on transitional period and honoring of 4th trimester
    • Around the clock on call text and email support 
    • Infant Care and Women's Health education
    • Housekeeping support 
    • Breastfeeding support & resources 
    • Nutritional support & resources 

  • Belly Casting: $30.00

    • Cast to be scheduled between 30-35th week of pregnancy 

    • Completed with plaster for quick drying time 
    • Options for artful additions by doula available upon request

*Any alternative medicine additions should be first consulted with your healthcare professional or general practitioner.