The connective origin ...

When embarking on the Doula journey, I remember what a curious and confused time I had. Freshly deciding on a Nursing program at Cabrillo College, I embraced the joy I had knowing that I would be learning the materials that could one day put me in a pediatric setting. 

Not all dreams are realized at the time they are thought of, as so was my Nursing career. When becoming more interested in the Doula role and the amount of holistic care that can be reached, I was magnetized towards it full steam ahead! 

I remember how difficult it was to find any outlets for resources. How underground the whole operation felt as though you had to know someone who knew someone that was involved in the community to get your name in the crowd. 

It can be overwhelming and if you feel that struggle, please let it be known, you are not the only one! Many Doulas, new and old, feel the need to connect. Whether that be with community or with another fellow Doula, the conversations can be endless! 

When deciding on Doula Connection Santa Cruz, I wanted to create an outlet, a space, for Doulas and parents to be able to ask questions and find resources, because at the end of the day these basic self care needs and resources should be available at your finger tips. Nothing like the beauty of birth and giving light should be kept secret. 

Within Doula Connection Santa Cruz you can find this avenue. Take a look at the links to the right find your outlets and resources on what topics are available in the community. 

Enjoy and happy learning!

Connections & Links​