Born and raised in Santa Cruz, I have been drawn to making an effort to be around children. As a child, having parents that worked in the hospital setting, I had the opportunity to take tours of the hospital and  remember being intrigued by the Maternity Ward at Dignity Health (Dominican Hospital). 

With my experience in the hospital setting I am proud and confident of the work our local nurses and doctors do in this community to make sure families are heard and cared for to their best extent. It is a privilege to have the support and active team work of those whom I have been able to work with in both hospital and home settings. 

After attending some time to the Nursing program at the local community college I came to learn more about what type of support that is possible in the hospital settings and knew being a Birth Doula was the right type of intimate care, and greatest possibility for continuity of care, that I wanted to fully immerse myself in. With experience in serving over 30 families and being a part of more than 20 births, I am thrilled to share that this career choice has been everything I have ever dreamed of. 

Recently trained as a Childbirth Educator (2018), I see the value in support through the transition from pregnancy into parenthood. My passion to help facilitate this growth comes from a very empathetic emotional draw from the women in my own personal life that have been able to spread that same care to future generations of support people in their lives. 

I currently am a part of two Doula Collectives; Collective Wings Perinatal Project, and the Mission Doula Collective. Both are immensely rewarding and I couldn't be more proud of the women I work with!

I am a part of The Birth Network Community here in Santa Cruz, , and a part of the Santa Cruz Doula Salon Group, . Any questions about community doula work are more than welcome!

The search is never over, the growing never ceases and the learning always continues.  

Please let us go into this journey together. I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

​Happy birthing!